LL 19/12/2020

I\'m using PS5 connected to a Sony DN-1080 receiver, then to 295es projector.I\'m running a 35ft distance and require a cable which can handle full HDMI 2.0 (18Gps) to achieve 4k @ 60hz 4:2:2. Out of the 3 I\'ve tried, 2 optical and 1 copper, only this one works.However, please note since this is still optical fiber, it still requires extra mounting/setting cautions.The bend radius is 4mm. I didn\'t use in wall setup - I used cable hiders + cable protectors and rounded bends to maneuver. It seem to work very nicely.

Arturo Blanco 07/12/2020

I recently replace my old standard HDMI cable with ATZEBE Fiber Optic HDMI (50ft) and it was noticeable the difference in the quality of the picture. The ATZEBE cable is slim and easy to handle which facilitates the running of the cable through the wall. The quality of the two terminals is quite good especially the connecting point between the terminals and the cable itself.

Mayor Mcturd 27/11/2020

Picture quality and value are definitely five stars, but I have no idea what the "sheerness" is that amazon wants me to rate.

JE 22/11/2020

This is a great product!

Amazon Customer 13/11/2020

Picture works perfectly, displaying 4k/60Hz at 50ft. Works very well and is considerably cheaper than other options I was looking at.