Richard Westley 22/06/2020

A great lightning deal for a fiber optic cable. The cable works fine but you must be careful to follow directions and not to bend or damage it. This is true for all fiber optic cables.

DeMo 13/06/2020

works flawlessly

marcus 23/05/2020

Works perfectly. The bend angle is amazing what you can do although don’t push it obviously if not needed. I have these running in AV closets and conduit runs and works amazingOnly thing concerning is the plugs run really hot like burn hot if you were to keep your fingers there. Not sure if that’s normal?? I notice my ARC cable runs a little cooler so obviously has to do with data transmitted..Glad I didn’t pay twice as much for another popular brand here

Michael G. Lacy 22/04/2020

Works as advertised. I can run everything in my system at the maximum setting for my 4K Apple TV and my Xbox S.

Ryan B. 17/03/2020

Works great with my 4K Projector and Marantz SR5012 with no issues. No issues getting 2160 @ 60hz with HDR.