Y. Qiu 02/01/2019

My projector is connected to the receiver through a 35 feet long hdmi cable. It works fine without any problem for 1080p video. Recently I upgraded to a 4k projector but I cannot watch movie any more! I know it is definitely the HDMI cable problem. The projector customer support recommended a fiber hdmi cable in the price of $175 which is too expensive. Then I tried to use a HDMI extender with my old cable. I can watch movies with the help of a HDMI extender, however, I cannot see the bluray player home screen. I have to buy a high quality HDMI cable!I was a little wondering about this cable before I bought it because the product description does not clearly state this cable is HDCP 2.2 compliant. The seller quickly replied to me and confirmed the HDCP 2.2 compliance then I ordered the 50 feet cable. I received it today and immediately connected it. WOW! Everything works!! With the HDMI extender I can only see 4k@24hz but now it shows 4k video @60hz (although I cannot really tell the difference by my naked eyes)! Now I can watch 4k video without the HDMI extender! And the bluray player home screen shows up normally! I do not need the HDMI extender any more.The cable is very flexible and actually I feel it is a little bit firmer than another fiber HDMI cable I borrowed from my friend. It is thinner than the old HDMI cable, because it is a fiber cable.I still have a problem though but I do not think it is caused by the cable. When I plug the fiber HDMI cable through the HDMI port on the wall plate, the 4k video shows normally when a disc is played, but I still cannot see the player\'s home screen, even if with the help from the HDMI extender. I searched online and I found many people have the same problem. I believe it is caused by the HDMI keystone because it is HDMI ver 1.4. I have to bypass the HDMI port on the wall plate and extend the cable from the wall and connect it to my receiver directly.If you play 4k movies on a device connected by a HDMI cable longer than 25 feet, I do recommend you purchase this fiber HDMI cable. It works (again, my cable is 50 feet long), and its price is only half, or 1/4 of the similar products sold on Amazon.